Seeing a rainbow is considered good fortune, especially if we can catch it with our cameras.   

I firmly believe that double rainbows are a sign from the universe that we are about to have great things handed over to us on a silver platter. 



Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, don’t you just smile and feel happy in witnessing beautiful rainbows as gifts from the universe?  

I captured this photo in Dallas, Texas early in the morning on my way to see my clients.  Seeing this rainbow, I had to pull my car over and take this picture.  Gorgeous, yes? 

In Feng Shui, if you want to “feel” and “see” a rainbow, hang a real crystal, preferably Austrian crystal, the light and the crystal will illuminate like the rainbow. 





Caution: Do not hang a crystal in your car, as I have seen many motorists do because it is not safe and it can temporarily blind the view of other motorists.




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 One of the most beloved plants of FENG SHUI is Bamboo, because it is strong and durable. Bamboo is renewable; it grows quickly and replenishes rapidly.  

It has been proven in many cases that by placing a Bamboo tree in the correct location, it would be beneficial to increase our wealth and have the power to ward off unwanted energy. 


4-4-17 BAMBOO TREE C08883


If you plant Bamboo in the back of your home,  it can increase your wealth and abundance.

If it is planted near the front of the home, it will attract positive energy; auspicious Chi.

Bamboo is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance, making it one of the most honored trees of FENG SHUI.

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I think perhaps I am the only one standing by the Weeping Willow tree with a big smile.  

The Weeping Willow tree is poetic and sorrowful.  Many painters, and poets have written poems crying of their lost loves.  Which bring us to…

 If you are a Feng Shui enthusiast, DO NOT plant a Weeping Willow Tree around your home, unless you are a drama Queen or King, and you feel that your mission in life is to … weep.   


4-8-17 BALBOA Wisconsin Weeping Willow TREE DON'T FS DSC09119


 The Weeping Willow tree is symbolic of death because of its weeping form.   It’s only appropriate to plant in a cemetery or a temple.  

 Once you practice traditional feng shui, you will become more mindful in everything you do, including placement; ALWAYS have a meaningful purpose because whatever you place on your home or your work, that will have the effect in your career, health, wealth,  and relationships.

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Isn’t this a gorgeous bonsai arrangement? But… 

If you are a feng shui enthusiast, DO NOT place a bonsai plant in your home whether outside in the garden or inside your living quarters.

Why?  Because Bonsai symbolizes stunted growth, spiritually, wealth, career, and many other areas of your life.

 Think about it, Plants are life.  Why would you force the plant to stunt its growth?




Sometimes, something beautiful is not always good for you, yes? 

 And, you may disagree with me saying my so and so has Bonsai plants in their home and they are doing pretty good, so on, and so forth. 

 Remember feng shui is only 1/3 luck.  The other 2/3 are fate and man luck.  If we have the other lucks, why not let feng shui work for the remaining 1/3 so we can have it all?

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Today we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday and as I scrolled my news feed I read shared posts from Facebook friends; mostly about Dr. King messages expressing love, respect, unity, nonviolence, fairness, etc., I couldn’t help thinking about fairness.
 Talking about being treated fairly ~ Are we treating our Incoming President Donald Trump fairly?

After all, whether we voted for him or not, Donald Trump won the election as our Commander In Chief, not one time like all the former presidents before him but he was tested 3 times:

1. Traditional election votes.
2. Popular votes, and
3. Electoral votes. 


No President, including Bush, was treated with so much disrespect.

January 19, and January 20, 2017, Incoming President Donald Trump is planning to celebrate his winning leadership with American Citizens, his family, and his friends, and what do we do? 
Instead of uniting to show the world how powerful America is, we behave like spoiled brats, protesting against someone has won fairly and squarely. 




Being a former Viet refugee.  I was here in 1975 and I had witnessed upstanding American citizens with intelligence, good hearts, and common sense that have inspired the world, or inspired me, a teenage Viet refugee.  Are we conforming to the third world country from which I fled from?

America is a Democratic Republic country, where anyone can be anything that they set their hearts and their minds to be, however, they must do that by the rules, and law and order.  




We Viet refugees, the first group that settled here in America in 1975 with only clothes on our back, followed the law and order, and 99.99% of us have succeeded by good work ethics, perseverance, unselfishness and respect for authority.  

Most of us didn’t go to America’s College, however, I proudly must say that we have more class, more guts, more courage than some of our 2nd,  3rd and 4th generations.  Today our younger generations are book smart but lack common sense.


I am a small business owner, advised by good meaning friends not to voice my opinions because they felt my business would suffer.  But you know what?  If I do that, I may as well return to where I fled from.  There is one thing I value more than anything in the world; FREEDOM.  Without freedom, we have nothing.  And when we have to hide our feelings and be a “closet supporters” that is the beginning of the end of our FREEDOM.




President Donald Trump is not a perfect man, and NONE of our presidents before him were perfect men.  None of us men and women are perfect.  Raise your hand if you are and I will recede. 
If Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today, he would be crying out of shame because it has been 49 years since he was assassinated, and Americans still have not learned our lessons. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. MARTIN and I proud to call DONALD TRUMP  my President, am I am sure you would too.  
My family will be in DC to celebrate our incoming President’s Inauguration.   If you, President Donald Trump can give up your billionaire lifestyle and sacrifice so much to serve American people, the least we, the Coronado family could do is to be there and show our support.  

Gwen Coronado/January 16, 2017

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2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster.  Fire rooster has a fiery and agitated attitude. The rooster is also associated with the Metal Element.  

Metal element means guns, assassinations, killings. 

If you think 2016 was filled with violence, 2017 will be quite a challenging year in security, and finance. 

Having experienced the last few months of 2016, the stock market went up and up; however, save your cash.  Don’t spend it freely because cash flow will be very tight.




If history is to repeat itself, think of the last decades, 1987, 1997, 2007.  These years suffered from the recession, and even though the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a very clever man, he cannot save the economy immediately without time on his side.   


2017 also represents love; romantic love.  If you are married, watch out, your spouse may have revolving eyes.  Watch out where you place your water fountain, too.  That could help or hurt your relationships.


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was born in the Year of the Rooster.  That explains why Duterte crows in a daily cycle like a Rooster,  and is hot-tempered because he stems from the Fire Element.



America, we are lucky to have Donald Trump as our President because the luck of the country depends on the luck of the sitting president.  And, Trump was born lucky so we will inherit his heavenly luck.  

Many of us may not like Donald Trump as our 45th President, but we are very fortunate that Trump is our President because he was the chosen one. 

Remember, per feng shui flying stars chart, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election because this half of Period 8 leans toward women in power.  Look around you, women are in positions that were reserved for men in the past.   




Trump represents a mountain even though he was born a Fire Dog.  In feng shui, Trump’s a Yang Earth.  Nothing can disturb the mountain Trump. 

In 2017, try to wear earth colors like cream, or beige because we need to enhance the Earth Element in feng shui.   

January 28, 2016, the energy changes.  We are entering the Fire Rooster Year.   Like the Monkey, the Rooster is very smart, organized, clever and thrifty.



The last time, 60 years ago, the Fire Rooster reigned in 1957 and it saw disastrous events. It was also a great year for inventions such as the first pacemaker, first heart scanner, and first electronic watch. 

2017 will be marked with calamities, scandals, and tension. At the same time, opportunities for new inventions will also emerge.

This year, people who were born in the Year of the Rabbit should be more careful.



2017 is a Yang Rooster, lots of Metal Element in the charts. The Rooster in itself is a Metal energy, it just happened that the year is the Fire element. What does Fire do to the metal?  It melts it!


If you were born in the year of the Horse, in terms of the flying star of the chart, the Horse has a lucky star and it merges with the prosperity star; a perfect combination.




Since fire is very intense energy, there will be calamities for 2017. 

There will be cuts, killings.  Problems with ISIS will continue, and then fire. There will be airline disasters and fire issues. 

If it is possible, try to avoid open conflicts.  You can try to deflect quarrelsome energies by wearing or having red color!




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 How wonderful the first day of the 2017 New Year is also a Happy God Loving Sunday.   Happy Double Happiness Day Everyone and, What is your New Year’s resolution? 


My New Year’s Resolution is to practice Dr. Seuss’s wise saying:

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

It is so true because we cannot be God-pleasers and people-pleasers at the same time.  If we’re overly concerned about what people think of us, then we are their invisible slaves.  Indirectly, we give up our freedom, free will to gain a “phony” relationship. Is that really what we want?  Remember, 



If we have to “buy” relationships by letting others control us, mold us to think like them, to be a “yes” person, then we are no longer a person God destined us to be.  If we cannot express our opinions, our beliefs for fear being snubbed, then that is a relationship that we don’t need. 


It is the first day of the New Year, the new you! 

Friends, dare to be yourself and surround yourself with people that can lift you higher and higher.  Remember, you are who you choose to be surrounded with.  Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you’ll become.  

Cheers for the New Year.  GwenCoronado is off to God’s house to inhale all the goodness and Blessings from our home to yours.   

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 In order to understand Donald Trump, let look at his personal feng shui Trigram that will help us identify with his persona.

For the benefit of everyone, I will leave out politics, religion, and health.

Let’s rewind to his early beginnings.  Trump was born in the year of the Fire Yang Dog; 1946.

Trump’s strengths and weaknesses have both intertwined in his life since the day of his birth.

The characteristics of his strengths encompass being successful, gutsy, and ambitious.

His weaknesses stem from being overstressed, impatient, and domineering.

Cheerful, and forthright, Donald is direct; honest, and above all, loyal.  He has a sense of justice and he is fair.  He likes helping others to achieve their goals if they are willing to work hard and be loyal.   Loyalty is number one of importance for Trump.

Trump believes anyone can learn, but loyalty is a character of a person, you either have it or you don’t.  And he is a good judge of character.  Don’t try to fool him!



Always alert, Trump is good at assessing situations, rounding up problems, finding logical solutions, and he is reliable in crises. 

He is determined and intense and has a tendency to flare up in a temper, which is usually soon forgotten unless you’re disloyal!  

He is sharp in his observations and assessment of what goes on around him.

He is strongly opinionated, loyal, and demonstrates great courage when fighting the good fight; the honorable battle.

He can be forceful and convincing when presenting his ideas and opinions, and because he understands human nature all too well, very capable of mercilessly exposing hypocrisy and pretense.

When attached to a cause, he can become a most articulate spokesperson, and he can make a very bad enemy too; one would be foolish to antagonize him for he knows very well how to take a challenge. 

Trump can be particularly forceful, both mentally and physically, and tends to have an egotistical and dictatorial streak which can create conflict for him with others.



Work relaxes Trump.  Even though his family is very important to Trump, however, work comes first, then family. 

He must beware of dominating others in relationships; both personal and professional as he often recognizes problems way in advance, and acts on them, instead of giving others a chance to cope with things, even to fail, and learn from the experience. In this respect, he is at best overprotective, at worst, compulsive.

Trump belongs to the East Group Family of Trigrams. 

His personal Kua Number is 9 and his Element is Fire. 

His personal favorable colors are Red, Purple, Dark Orange, and Pink.

The Element Wood color, Green, would benefit him as well.  

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It doesn’t matter how you look at it because you cannot divide the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life equally nor have it all equally.   

The good news is, you still can have a well-balanced life when you apply the 6,000 year old science, in the traditional and old fashioned way. 

All of us have 9 pathways called areas of life: Health, Career, Family, Wealth, Fame, Education, Children, Creativity, and Love.   




Notice that I put Health first, because Health is the most important of all; without health, we cannot enjoy all the other 8 areas of our lives.  

Perhaps, that may be the reason the LoPan (Feng Shui compass) places Health in the center; the center of our own personal universe.





We also have 3 kinds of luck: 

Heavenly Luck:  Meaning where you were born, and to what family.  However, in my opinion, if you were born here, in America, then you already have one of the three lucks, just like Trump or Bill Gates.





Earthly Luck:  You work hard to achieve your own luck, i.e., work overtime, go to school, earn a college degree, etc…. 

Feng Shui Luck:  Apply Feng Shui to help you sail through life easier, without struggling. My analogy of applying feng shui is similar to having a GPS to go from point A to point B, making our lives easier, rather than struggling with map page turning. 

Now, let’s get back to my opening statement that, “It does not matter how you look at it.  You cannot divide the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life equally.”




This is true.  Even with feng shui application, we cannot divide our lives into 9 squares evenly because most of us don’t want them all equally.  

Think about it, for example, not every one of us want children, or marriage, or fame.  

There is always an area of our lives of which we place greater importance than others.  Some enjoy a good Career, some just want to live a simple life and be happy with Family; some yearn for Wealth, or love to be Famous; some just love Education, or Creativity, and some live for Love.  


So ask yourself honestly, what is the most important thing in your life? Then use feng shui to activate that important thing. 

I will give you some examples of my life, and how I applied Feng Shui from my teenage years til now. 

As a homeless refugee teenager, I knew I needed to have education to take me to the next level.  Education luck is located in Northeast section. I needed to activate that NE section, to assist me in my clear thinking so I could have good grades. 





After I graduated, I knew I needed to build wealth, enough wealth, to help support and sponsor my family to America.  

 Just so you know, to sponsor my love ones to America, I had to fill out tons of paper work, proof of relationship, have a stable job, bank statements, assets, and a signed affidavit that when my family came here to America, they would not seek US Government assistance, welfare, food stamps, etc…   

I had to support my family, 40 of them until they became self-sufficient without receiving any government aid. 



So, Wealth is in Southeast.   To have wealth, I needed to concentrate on the SE section by making sure there was no clutter, and positioning myself and things to attract wealth.


Fast forward on to 2015 ~~ having lived my 40 years in America, I have been blessed with a good life.


Only America could offer me the FREEDOM to be whomever I wanted to be, whatever I wanted to do, and what kind of life that I wanted to live.  I did successfully achieve all 9 areas of my life, and as I turned 50, I decided to share my knowledge with the world, that we could have it all.  

You see, in the East (Asia, where I was born), when we apply feng shui, we want to have wealth because we Asians are realists.




Statistically, it has been proven that 63% of a failed marriage has a lot to do with money, and we know that love without money will not last because when the debtors come knock at our doors, love flies out of the window. 


In Asia, we were taught that it is easier to fall in love with a rich man than a poor man, because it is more romantic to be on a cruise with your hair flowing in the breeze with your scarf flying while holding a wine glass in your hand than being at an “all you can eat buffet.” 


And in the west, most of us yearn for Relationship.  By the way, the area of Relationship is located in South West section.  If you want love, activate that SW section, and remember to display everything in a pairs. 


As I always say, “Love comes in pairs, single displays come with despair.”  Display something cheerful, happy; no cactus plants, nothing “thorny” or sharp because you don’t want a thorny relationship. You want your love life to be a bed or roses, yes?




So friends, by practicing Feng Shui, you can have it all, but not equally.  Ask yourself:  “What would I want from life?”  Think, and write it on a piece of paper.  Whatever you want, activate that section, and apply all three kinds of luck as I mentioned earlier, and voila, Heaven luck, Earth Luck and Feng Shui luck, together, work like magic.


Email me, –  I would love to hear your wonderful news, and when you find your Princess or Prince Charming, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding, yes?


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How deep can a person reach into the self to conquer adversity?

If I were to choose one area of life that I feel would be most crucial to create balance and harmony in life, it would be feng shui for relationships.

Feng shui for relationships goes far beyond the thought of just love and romance, and a beloved significant other.



Avoid feng shui error, by not dividing feng shui into sections or categories, and consider what your personal relationship is to any area of your life, besides him or her.

To enhance any area of your life, feng shui for relationships should be the arrow that targets health, wealth, fame, creativity, mentors, career, knowledge, and family.

After all, it has been proven that Love conquers all.

Step back from time to time and try to observe feng shui at play.

Let’s take music, art, and friendship for example; these 3 elements when combined create long lasting friendships unlike love. 



     (Thuong Linh, also kwown as the Blues Jazz Queen)


When we humans say we are falling in love, actually, we are falling into an “illusion” that we are in love because we so often fall in love, and then fall out of love, but with music, art and friendship, we find “love” for our “soul”, and a love that never fades.




On May 30, 2015, I witnessed a feng shui extravaganza.  I was invited to honor Poet/Song Writer, Tran Da Tu, who had been captured and imprisoned for twelve years by North Vietnamese soldiers after the fall of Viet Nam, April 30, 1975. 

He was arrested and imprisoned for expressing his poetic views that encouraged peace and harmony for all; the north, the south, including the American presence, to let live, and live freely. 

Ironically, he was also imprisoned by South Viet Nam Government in 1963 for the same reason. 

In one swift day, he was stripped of all nine areas of his life; his relationship with wealth, fame, children, friends, career, health, mentors, and family, all gone from the stroke of a pen. 

He was taken away from family and home. His beloved children, the oldest being thirteen, were left homeless to survive in the street.

 Strikingly his imprisonment did not stifle his wisdom, creativity, and the love in his heart. His relationship with life continued to flourish in support of his family, friends and fellow prisoners.  

When he was imprisoned, he managed to turn a negative circumstance into composing positive poems, and music.




Remarkably, today his songs express no flickers of anger, or bitterness; purely music of joy, and gratitude toward citizens that had helped him and his prisoner of war friends. 

It’s been nearly 40 years since that fateful day, and today, Tran Da Tu and his family are freely home here in America where he has restored those nine areas of his life, and more.


Nearly 40 years later, he is totally free to express the love in his heart through poetry, music, family and friends that have filled his heart with love; family love, spousal love, friendship love; poetic love of art and music along with the art of forgiveness. 

 The energy at the Samueli Theater was so incredible.  It was indeed the modern day of Camelot.


The orchestra led by  Hoang Cong Luan and his musicians, some having come a long way from New York, provided elaborate and spectacular entertainment throughout the celebrated event with five stars performers,



  (The legendary singer, Tuan Ngoc,  left, also known as Vietnamese Frank Sinatra with his friend and fans. )



   (from left,  Thuong Linh, Khanh Ly, Ha Pham, Quang Tuan, Kieu Chinh, and Le Uyen) 


There was no room for tears in this wondrous occasion. Meeting him and his equally famous novelist wife, Nha Ca, was quite an honor.

My eyes were misty seeing that Tran Da Tu received a standing ovation,



and a heartfelt tribute from the legendary International star Kieu Chinh, a star in the movie “Ride the Thunder” playing in many theaters.  Kieu Chinh also is a close friend of Tippi Hedren who is a hero to many Vietnamese refugees who became nail salon magnates.



(The legendary International star Kieu Chinh in movie “Ride the Thunder”)


Many of his friends flew in for this special night as he launched his entertainment CD titled, Goi Dau & Bay (Shampoo & Fly), and was performed by two generations of Vietnamese Entertainers. 


       (The International star Kieu Chinh, Singer  Quang Tuan and Le Van)  

Goi Dau means Shampoo in English, and song writer Tran Da Tu, with choreographed dancers, directed by Thang Dao who flew in from New York, expressed an analogy that in shampooing our hair, we remove all dirt, filth, and sin as we shake ourselves off and start anew.  Quite thought provoking!   

 America is the land of opportunity; true; however, living in the United States can be quite demanding, and fast paced – a place where we can lose track of our inner self.



 (Gwen, Thang Dao, Dance Company Founder and Dr. Olivia Lan Huong)


More than ever, we need music. Music is one facet of the 9 areas of life that we feng shui practitioners align with because music involves creativity, relationships, love, and family, etc.…



To witness the musicians playing, we could see feng shui in the making of orchestrated knowledge; mentors working together in unison to create and compose vibrating, harmonious sounds to enhance love, friendship and family.   

Music brings refreshing calmness into our lives filled with peace, tranquility, and we are soulfully enhanced with beautiful serene creativity, allowing us to target the areas of our lives we desire to activate health, wealth, fame, relationships, mentors, career, and family.



 (A real treat to listen to my idol,  Tuan Ngoc serenades us in  “Gọi Tên Dòng Sông” ~ loosely translate ~  “Calling out your name, my river” )



Tran Da Tu’s friends had traveled here from different states to unite under one roof to celebrate together a night of songs and poetry in honor of Tran Da Tu. 

Magically, music often brings people together, and this marvelous event made dinner, all together, the icing on the cake.



Are you making room in your soul and in your life for what you love?

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.  Blessings!   


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