It doesn’t matter how you look at it because you cannot divide the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life equally nor have it all equally.   

The good news is, you still can have a well-balanced life when you apply the 6,000 year old science, in the traditional and old fashioned way. 

All of us have 9 pathways called areas of life: Health, Career, Family, Wealth, Fame, Education, Children, Creativity, and Love.   




Notice that I put Health first, because Health is the most important of all; without health, we cannot enjoy all the other 8 areas of our lives.  

Perhaps, that may be the reason the LoPan (Feng Shui compass) places Health in the center; the center of our own personal universe.





We also have 3 kinds of luck: 

Heavenly Luck:  Meaning where you were born, and to what family.  However, in my opinion, if you were born here, in America, then you already have one of the three lucks, just like Trump or Bill Gates.





Earthly Luck:  You work hard to achieve your own luck, i.e., work overtime, go to school, earn a college degree, etc…. 

Feng Shui Luck:  Apply Feng Shui to help you sail through life easier, without struggling. My analogy of applying feng shui is similar to having a GPS to go from point A to point B, making our lives easier, rather than struggling with map page turning. 

Now, let’s get back to my opening statement that, “It does not matter how you look at it.  You cannot divide the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life equally.”




This is true.  Even with feng shui application, we cannot divide our lives into 9 squares evenly because most of us don’t want them all equally.  

Think about it, for example, not every one of us want children, or marriage, or fame.  

There is always an area of our lives of which we place greater importance than others.  Some enjoy a good Career, some just want to live a simple life and be happy with Family; some yearn for Wealth, or love to be Famous; some just love Education, or Creativity, and some live for Love.  


So ask yourself honestly, what is the most important thing in your life? Then use feng shui to activate that important thing. 

I will give you some examples of my life, and how I applied Feng Shui from my teenage years til now. 

As a homeless refugee teenager, I knew I needed to have education to take me to the next level.  Education luck is located in Northeast section. I needed to activate that NE section, to assist me in my clear thinking so I could have good grades. 





After I graduated, I knew I needed to build wealth, enough wealth, to help support and sponsor my family to America.  

 Just so you know, to sponsor my love ones to America, I had to fill out tons of paper work, proof of relationship, have a stable job, bank statements, assets, and a signed affidavit that when my family came here to America, they would not seek US Government assistance, welfare, food stamps, etc…   

I had to support my family, 40 of them until they became self-sufficient without receiving any government aid. 



So, Wealth is in Southeast.   To have wealth, I needed to concentrate on the SE section by making sure there was no clutter, and positioning myself and things to attract wealth.


Fast forward on to 2015 ~~ having lived my 40 years in America, I have been blessed with a good life.


Only America could offer me the FREEDOM to be whomever I wanted to be, whatever I wanted to do, and what kind of life that I wanted to live.  I did successfully achieve all 9 areas of my life, and as I turned 50, I decided to share my knowledge with the world, that we could have it all.  

You see, in the East (Asia, where I was born), when we apply feng shui, we want to have wealth because we Asians are realists.




Statistically, it has been proven that 63% of a failed marriage has a lot to do with money, and we know that love without money will not last because when the debtors come knock at our doors, love flies out of the window. 


In Asia, we were taught that it is easier to fall in love with a rich man than a poor man, because it is more romantic to be on a cruise with your hair flowing in the breeze with your scarf flying while holding a wine glass in your hand than being at an “all you can eat buffet.” 


And in the west, most of us yearn for Relationship.  By the way, the area of Relationship is located in South West section.  If you want love, activate that SW section, and remember to display everything in a pairs. 


As I always say, “Love comes in pairs, single displays come with despair.”  Display something cheerful, happy; no cactus plants, nothing “thorny” or sharp because you don’t want a thorny relationship. You want your love life to be a bed or roses, yes?




So friends, by practicing Feng Shui, you can have it all, but not equally.  Ask yourself:  “What would I want from life?”  Think, and write it on a piece of paper.  Whatever you want, activate that section, and apply all three kinds of luck as I mentioned earlier, and voila, Heaven luck, Earth Luck and Feng Shui luck, together, work like magic.


Email me, –  I would love to hear your wonderful news, and when you find your Princess or Prince Charming, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding, yes?


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How deep can a person reach into the self to conquer adversity?

If I were to choose one area of life that I feel would be most crucial to create balance and harmony in life, it would be feng shui for relationships.

Feng shui for relationships goes far beyond the thought of just love and romance, and a beloved significant other.



Avoid feng shui error, by not dividing feng shui into sections or categories, and consider what your personal relationship is to any area of your life, besides him or her.

To enhance any area of your life, feng shui for relationships should be the arrow that targets health, wealth, fame, creativity, mentors, career, knowledge, and family.

After all, it has been proven that Love conquers all.

Step back from time to time and try to observe feng shui at play.

Let’s take music, art, and friendship for example; these 3 elements when combined create long lasting friendships unlike love. 



     (Thuong Linh, also kwown as the Blues Jazz Queen)


When we humans say we are falling in love, actually, we are falling into an “illusion” that we are in love because we so often fall in love, and then fall out of love, but with music, art and friendship, we find “love” for our “soul”, and a love that never fades.




On May 30, 2015, I witnessed a feng shui extravaganza.  I was invited to honor Poet/Song Writer, Tran Da Tu, who had been captured and imprisoned for twelve years by North Vietnamese soldiers after the fall of Viet Nam, April 30, 1975. 

He was arrested and imprisoned for expressing his poetic views that encouraged peace and harmony for all; the north, the south, including the American presence, to let live, and live freely. 

Ironically, he was also imprisoned by South Viet Nam Government in 1963 for the same reason. 

In one swift day, he was stripped of all nine areas of his life; his relationship with wealth, fame, children, friends, career, health, mentors, and family, all gone from the stroke of a pen. 

He was taken away from family and home. His beloved children, the oldest being thirteen, were left homeless to survive in the street.

 Strikingly his imprisonment did not stifle his wisdom, creativity, and the love in his heart. His relationship with life continued to flourish in support of his family, friends and fellow prisoners.  

When he was imprisoned, he managed to turn a negative circumstance into composing positive poems, and music.




Remarkably, today his songs express no flickers of anger, or bitterness; purely music of joy, and gratitude toward citizens that had helped him and his prisoner of war friends. 

It’s been nearly 40 years since that fateful day, and today, Tran Da Tu and his family are freely home here in America where he has restored those nine areas of his life, and more.


Nearly 40 years later, he is totally free to express the love in his heart through poetry, music, family and friends that have filled his heart with love; family love, spousal love, friendship love; poetic love of art and music along with the art of forgiveness. 

 The energy at the Samueli Theater was so incredible.  It was indeed the modern day of Camelot.


The orchestra led by  Hoang Cong Luan and his musicians, some having come a long way from New York, provided elaborate and spectacular entertainment throughout the celebrated event with five stars performers,



  (The legendary singer, Tuan Ngoc,  left, also known as Vietnamese Frank Sinatra with his friend and fans. )



   (from left,  Thuong Linh, Khanh Ly, Ha Pham, Quang Tuan, Kieu Chinh, and Le Uyen) 


There was no room for tears in this wondrous occasion. Meeting him and his equally famous novelist wife, Nha Ca, was quite an honor.

My eyes were misty seeing that Tran Da Tu received a standing ovation,



and a heartfelt tribute from the legendary International star Kieu Chinh, a star in the movie “Ride the Thunder” playing in many theaters.  Kieu Chinh also is a close friend of Tippi Hedren who is a hero to many Vietnamese refugees who became nail salon magnates.



(The legendary International star Kieu Chinh in movie “Ride the Thunder”)


Many of his friends flew in for this special night as he launched his entertainment CD titled, Goi Dau & Bay (Shampoo & Fly), and was performed by two generations of Vietnamese Entertainers. 


       (The International star Kieu Chinh, Singer  Quang Tuan and Le Van)  

Goi Dau means Shampoo in English, and song writer Tran Da Tu, with choreographed dancers, directed by Thang Dao who flew in from New York, expressed an analogy that in shampooing our hair, we remove all dirt, filth, and sin as we shake ourselves off and start anew.  Quite thought provoking!   

 America is the land of opportunity; true; however, living in the United States can be quite demanding, and fast paced – a place where we can lose track of our inner self.



 (Gwen, Thang Dao, Dance Company Founder and Dr. Olivia Lan Huong)


More than ever, we need music. Music is one facet of the 9 areas of life that we feng shui practitioners align with because music involves creativity, relationships, love, and family, etc.…



To witness the musicians playing, we could see feng shui in the making of orchestrated knowledge; mentors working together in unison to create and compose vibrating, harmonious sounds to enhance love, friendship and family.   

Music brings refreshing calmness into our lives filled with peace, tranquility, and we are soulfully enhanced with beautiful serene creativity, allowing us to target the areas of our lives we desire to activate health, wealth, fame, relationships, mentors, career, and family.



 (A real treat to listen to my idol,  Tuan Ngoc serenades us in  “Gọi Tên Dòng Sông” ~ loosely translate ~  “Calling out your name, my river” )



Tran Da Tu’s friends had traveled here from different states to unite under one roof to celebrate together a night of songs and poetry in honor of Tran Da Tu. 

Magically, music often brings people together, and this marvelous event made dinner, all together, the icing on the cake.



Are you making room in your soul and in your life for what you love?

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.  Blessings!   


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The following is an excerpt from a 15 minute interview with Connie from ASIA, the Journal of Culture and Commerce: 

1. Why did you decide to help the mentally ill people? 

A: It started many years ago when my family went to Saint Vincent De Paul’s center to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless.

I discovered that contrary to what people think about the homeless, that they are lazy, they don’t want to work, that they are dangerous to the society, etc., being a volunteer gave me a different outlook. In reality, most of the homeless people were very nice, and many are diagnosed as mentally ill. Because of their illness, they are unable to take advantage of help that the State has to offer such as housing, medical, food, etc…(I may contribute some articles in the future on the homeless & mental illness).

Since mental illness strikes one in five families according to the American Medical Association, people need to be educated to help the mentally ill just like we help the physically ill (heart disease, cancer, AIDS, etc…) 

2. What can Feng Shui do for them? How can it help people? 

A. Feng Shui is the ancient practice of living life in harmony and balance. By practicing Feng Shui, it removes stress from our daily  life, and that would help people from becoming another Prozac user. For the mentally ill, a harmonious environment is very important because in their mind, there is no rest, and the mentally ill do not need additional stress. A calm and serene environment is very important for their peace of mind. 

3. Why do you choose to help mentally ill people with Feng Shui? 

A: The media creates the wrong impression of the mentally ill; that they are dangerous, lazy and that they just need to snap out of it and go get a job. That is realistic thinking of so called “normal” people.

The mentally ill do not have that luxury.

They cannot think like “normal” people.

Most of them are gifted and exceptionally bright.

Perhaps that is the reason most geniuses are diagnosed with some form of mental illness: Famous painter: Van Gogh, President Abraham Lincoln, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Nobel Winner John Nash (Beautiful Mind), and so on… 


4. How effective is Feng Shui with treating people with mentally ill diseases? 

A: Feng Shui can add calm to an environment, and create harmony, allowing the mentally ill to be serene in a Feng Shui environment with dignity. Feng Shui cannot take place of medication and love. To be effective, and to help in speedy recovery, everything must be done together to achieve goals by having faith in God (prayer), applying science (medication), and creating harmony (feng shui); and the most important ingredients: love & compassion. 


(Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, founded by our beloved Thay Thich Nhat Hanh, free to all who come to visit and practice mindfulness, which would help “zen” your mind and body). 

5. What is the connection between Feng Shui and making people lives better? 

A: When Feng Shui is practiced correctly, you can benefit from it almost immediately. You begin to understand the laws of the universe, and how to combine Yin and Yang to balance your lives. Feng Shui principles can be applied to enjoy life as a whole. For an example, if you have wealth and no health, you have nothing. Or if you have wealth, health, and fame but have no family, or friends to share your success with, what good would it do? Feng Shui will balance all 9 areas of your lives: wealth, health, family, children, career, fame, relationship, knowledge, Helpful people (God, Buddha, etc…) 

6. How have you benefited with Feng Shui? 

A: I have been practicing Feng Shui all my life. I credit my happiness to Man luck (hard work), Heavenly luck (fate) and Feng Shui luck (sitting in the right direction at the right time to create the right opportunity, etc…). 

7. What sets mentally ill people’s lives apart from other people’s lives? 

A: The mentally ill are more honest. They see things as they are and they do not pretend. There is no mask, no agenda. 

8. What is your background with NAMI or with the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital? 

A: I know about the NAMI Headquarters located in Virginia. National NAMI invited me to speak about Feng Shui and Mental Illness at their Annual National convention in Minneapolis, and again this year in September at Washington D.C.

My husband and I are volunteer members of The San Diego County Psychiatrist Hospital Auxiliary (SDCPHA); a nonprofit organization that supports the San Diego County Mental Hospital. The President of the Auxiliary, Gail Andrade, is a wonderful woman with a warm heart, along with her angels, working tirelessly to support the hospital and the mentally ill. The SDCPHA organization is also very open minded. Their love for the mentally ill allows them to listen to any new ideas that would benefit the patients. We are just so glad to be members in this organization.


SDCPHA is having a spring luncheon yearly, to recorgnize Hero, Angel, and Star. 

Our first Hero (Karen Hogan, the Director of San Diego County Mental Hospital, who has contributed above and beyond her duty), the Angel (Lois Kolender, the wife of retired Chief of Police, who is helping tirelessly for the benefit of the mentally ill), and the Star (Shanna Lee Moore because of her strength and her determination to regain herself from her mental illness). 



(Photo of Lois Kolender’s husband ~ the wife of retired Chief of Police Kolender,  who is helping tirelessly for the benefit of the mentally ill, and Gwen Coronado). 

10. What other public service do you perform? 

A: I used to go to Vietnam to help deaf children with hearing aids, and helping various orphanages in Viet Nam that are run by the sisters and nuns. 

Every year, the SDCPHA has a Christmas function to give Christmas presents to the mentally ill in the Hospital & serve refreshments. The event is usually held on December 24. My husband and I very honored to be servers at the event. 

We are also involved with the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, a group which educates children about getting along without violence by teaching peace. The founder of this organization, Azim Khamisa is a wonderful person. His only son, Tariq Khamisa was killed by a 14 year old gangster. He is mourning his only son by forgiving the person who took away his only son’s life. He went to the prison to visit the kid gangster and he led by example by “loving & forgiving the enemy”. The foundation’s motto is adapted from Gandhi’s philosophy: “Teach Peace”. 


(Photo of  Azim Khamisa & Ples Felix,  Azim, his only child was killed by Ples’s grandson, but Azim forgave and worked together with Ples to  preach:  “I reached the conclusion that there were victims at both ends of the gun”)


My husband and I were so honored to meet Gandhi’s grandson: Dr. Arun Gandhi. Quite a remarkable man! Quite a remarkable organization! It teaches me that love can override anything, and that one person (Azim Khamisa) can make a difference. 

Email us if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, a Feng shui walking tour, or a feng shui consultation.   100% of my net proceed from my speaking engagement for mental health is to be donated to NAMI.   Blessings!


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~~~  You are invited FENG SHUI WALKING TOUR  ~~~

April 9, 2015 from 11 – 3 pm.  

Lunch included, Only $10.00 for Non member. 





feng shui event

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  Whether practicing feng shui as a beginner, or an expert, we find it quite evident that homes do have energy. As soon as we enter someone’s home, we know whether it has “good” or “bad” energy. As a Real Estate Broker for nearly 30 years, I have entered thousands of homes, and have experienced that a rough looking home can be feng shui correct and have more positive energy than a million dollar cream de la cream home…  

It is good practice to use a LoPan (feng shui compass) to determine compass directions, analyze the house based on its construction date, and the homeowner’s birthday, etc… 

Here are quick fixes for your home until you hire a feng shui master: 

Beware of buildings taller than your homes that directly face your house. Large structures that stand right in front of your house cause obstacles in your life, blocking good energies and can bring misfortune. 

Buildings with many sharp corners and edges are fully abundant of negative energy. Buildings having a tilted structure with edges pointed directly at your home can be very dangerous. 

The color of tiles and walls of buildings, as well as the shape of the building itself, can also be a problem if the colors and shapes represent elements not in harmony to the element of  your home.  

This photo is an example of a DON’T in Feng Shui.



The house has too many windows.  Windows represent water in feng shui.  And, when there are too many windows, too much water can drown you. 

Even the coffee table is clear (water) and it is the shape of a rectangle, with sharp corners, which do not create for a harmonious environment.

Also, the wall is a triangle in shape. A triangle represents fire in feng shui. 

When there is water and fire together, there will be conflict, because water and fire do not mix. 


Which destructive energies could affect your home? 

A home that sits south is a Fire element house, and if the building opposite you is curved shaped, and the color is blue or black, which represents the Water element, needs to be neutralized with an Earth element. Solve this problem by building a brick wall.

A home that sits East or Southeast is a Wood element house, so if the building opposite is square, white or metallic in color, it represents Metal; destructive energy. Use a Fire element to cure by installing a bright light.

When your home sits West or Northwest, it is a Metal element house. A building that is triangular in shape and red in color represents the Fire element. Use a Feng Shui cure with a Water element by building a small fountain between the Fire element building and your home.

If your home sits North, it is a Water element house. If the building opposite is round and predominantly yellow, it represents the Earth element, and must be cured with the Wood element by Planting a tree or growing a hedge.

If your home sits Northeast or Southwest, it is an Earth element house and if the building opposite is rectangular and mostly brown and green, it represents the Wood element, use the Metal element like a metal wind chime to cure.

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.  Blessings!  


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 In Feng Shui, there are 9 cycles called Periods. 

Each cycle last 20 years. 

We are currently in period 8 which is half over; watch out men, the next period will favor women.

Really, women will rule, and be fearful, because women also work together – a “girls’ club” – as for past cycles, it’s been a “boys’ club.”  


1-28-15 SDAR WOMEN PHOTOS 68387_n


Although I have been practicing Feng Shui for nearly 40 years, I still sit back, watch and observe, and it amazes me every time when I see “proof of the truth” surface. 

Regarding Feng Shui, I did talk about Period 8 favoring young men; President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, etc… and, now period 8 is slowly withering, sharing its energy with the next cycle, Period 9, and it’s in the stars of energy that women will rule.  

The last few weeks, I have been watching in amazement, women starting to surface in places once occupied mostly by men, like the San Diego Board of Realtors (SDAR), and the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). 





 I personally have witnessed my friends, like Linda Lee, the first Asian Realtor having made history being elected as Madam President of SDAR, and now, leading WCR (Women’s Council of REALTORS) in the entire state of California.   Gerri-Lynn,  and Fiona Thereira are Directors of California Association of Realtors.




I see my friend Denise Mathis, is now Madam President of the NAREB San Diego  Chapter.



 Chris Anderson is Madam President of SDAR. 



 I see my young friend Tina Balch, a  President of AREAA SD



Denise Nguyen a President of AREAA East Bay, etc… 




and my best friend, former Madam AREAA SD President Regina and her Prince Charming, Antonio now working for God, leading their class @ the East Lake Church fighting “poverty” by teaching them how to love God and use money.





The aforementioned is proof enough, yes?

Another BB (Brains and Beautiful) woman, the 7th richest woman in the world in her 40s, Zhang Xin grew up in poverty and at the age of 14 began a laboring job in a factory. Today, she is richer than Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. 



Ok men, you now should be asking yourselves, “Wow, so what are we men supposed to do when women rule?”   

Simply darlings; put on the apron, like the smart Prince Harry of England.



and learn that “the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”, tweeze your eyebrows, put on lip gloss, aftershave, and greet us at the door with a Starbucks or a Virgin Pina Colada, and be supportive when we unload what a tough day we had at the office. Oh yes, a foot massage while we flop out on a reclining chair may earn you “I don’t have a headache tonight” points too. Gentlemen, if you do that, I promise you, we will live happily ever after.  (Wink wink)  

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.   HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family to yours!   

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This desk is my “escape zone.”

When I sit on this desk, my family knows not to disturb me, because that is my “me” time when I let my mind wander. 

All of us can afford a little corner that belongs to us so that we can be ourselves and day dream.   

Life is too wonderful to be bored. 

When I feel restless, this is where I am. 

I take refuge in my small antique desk that’s filled with beautiful cards, colorful paper, pens, and pencils that I’ve collected from many different places where I’ve traveled. 

I have stamps ready for me to dash off a note to my friends. 

It is so delightful to feel my fountain pen making a beautiful sound on the card while I am writing. 




I enjoy collecting bottles of ink in different colors, blue, red, black, pink and purple.   I love the variety of colors.  

When I sit to write a card, I use different colored inks depending on my mood so be cautious when I write to you in red ink (wink).  It wakes up my senses and gives me a boost of energy; so enjoyable. 

I have everything I love on my desk, for instance, a fish bowl that was given to me to hold my pens, that was hand made by a mentally challenged artist, as one of a kind, and I can feel her energy when I touch the bowl.  

The tulip flower with bulbs, in feng shui, represents abundance as a “gift that keeps on giving and giving” because they reproduce.  I love flowers; when I was a poor refugee, I would walk instead of taking a bus to save bus fare in order to buy one flower stem to light up my studio apartment.  Pure joy! 

21 Days til the Lunar New Year.  I wish you all the best, peace, serenity, happiness, good health and wealth, and most importantly, have a sacred space that you call your own.   




Sharing:  I always wake up early on Sunday morning, before any members of my family, and I have a full two hours of “me” time to write, to think, and to let my mind wander around the world, and it costs nothing.  Do it.  You will be very happy.  Guaranteed!  

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.  Blessings!  


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Repeat after me: 

“I will never complain about my weight again.

I am thankful that I have a healthy appetite and I can eat whatever I want….”

18le6wtpr9kw4jpg (2)


Health is Wealth.

Until we don’t have our health, we don’t truly appreciate what our money cannot buy: Health.


That is another reason why, when we practice Feng Shui, Health is at the center of the feng shui LoPan (Feng Shui Compass); a reminder for us all that Health is the center of everything else: wealth, career, family, relationships, etc….




Yesterday, I met with one of my clients, for an annual review.

We had a good time talking about organic gardening, about our foolish younger days, etc.…. Then, he was telling me about our mutual friend that I haven’t seen in ages after he re-married and moved out of San Diego.  I remember our mutual friend quite well, he was vibrant, active in sports, played tennis, jogging.  He took care of his body because like me, he believed our body is our temple….


Fast forward, he now had a disease, and no cure.

He is blessed to be alive because of the medical advancement in America.  However, now, he cannot eat foods that he loves like Pho, Rice, or any solid food.  

My friends told me that when they meet him at a restaurant, he could only dip his chopsticks into a bowl of Pho for the broth. 


So, please be grateful that we can eat, and taste food, a simple blessing that has been denied to so many. 


In Viet Nam, we have a saying:

“Ăn được ngủ được là tiên”.  Loosely translated,

“If you can eat, and if you can sleep, then you are already in the heaven.” 


So my dear friends, if you are already in the heaven, take care of yourself. Be good to yourself so that you will continue to enjoy the heavenly life, won’t you?  And, please be the rainbow in someone’s storm today, won’t you?  

Feng Shui tips:  When you are happy,  receiving  many blessings in your home, don’t change your residence.     Remember the saying:  ”If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

  Do an annual feng shui tune up instead.  The next feng shui tune up is on February 19, 2015.    

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.  Blessings! 




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 “Underneath all is land”. 

That is the first thing real estate agents learn in real estate class; the value of land. 

In feng shui, and space clearing we always consider what is underneath the land? 

Photo below is a famous site of the Linda Vista Haunted Home in San Diego, CA


7-7-11 THANHLOAN MJC LV HOME 101_8338

Without land, there is no development. We simply cannot construct any building without land to hold our magnificent buildings, including mobile homes. 

You may ask: “What does it have to do with feng shui and space clearing?” Well, the land lot may be auspicious, or maybe not, that’s why we need Feng Shui. Space clearing pertains to whom and what has occupied the land before you.   

“Well, I bought my house brand new, so none of space clearing is needed!” Yes, your home is brand new, but what about your land? It was there before any of us were born, and it will remain there when we all disappear from the face of the earth. So, buying a new home does not exempt anyone from the land that embraces you and your family if it is auspicious or not. 





Most countries believe in blessing the land prior to moving in by offering mother earth flowers, candles, incense, and water (feng shui 5 elements) to have mother earth support when we move onto her land.  

We’ve all seen supernatural movies such as “The Others” staring Nicole Kidman, or “The Sixth Sense”, starring Bruce Willis, or the true story like “The Amityville Horror.”




In that real life story, Father Mancuso learned in demonology: the odor of human excrement was always associated with the appearance of the Devil! And an old, abandoned, covered-up well; spirits may be coming from the well. You can cap it off, but if you do find a well under your house, there is a direct passage to it. Even if it’s a tiny crack, that’s all it takes. With that, “it” can climb out when it wants to. 

Now that I have your attention, here is a suggestion: 

Prior to buying a home, look for the right feng shui lot, surf my web site www.FengShuiSanDiego.Com for additional information of do’s and don’ts or email me   

And prior to moving in your dream home, have a priest or a monk, or a rabbi (according to your religious background) bless your home. You and your family should go around and get acquainted with your new home, talk to the home. I know, I know, it sounds like you are insane to talk to your house, but trust me; the house has soul too, just like your trees, your plants, and your flowers.




 Ever notice that when a person talks to a plant, the plant blooms so beautifully whereas the plants only being watered and fertilized look so lonely? Here is a photo of Prince Charles, who has been known to talk to his plants, and used his thousands of acres of land for organic herbs, vegetables and fruits.   

That’s the reason I love feng shui. It teaches one to be mindful (this is a term I borrowed from Thay Thich Nhat Hanh).



Be mindful about what surrounds us, embrace everything that Mother Nature gives us, and with the right feng shui, blessings, and love, we all can live in harmony and world peace will come automatically.   

February 19, 2015 is a Lunar New Year, the year of the Sheep.

It is best to start to uncluttered your home, and ALWAYS do space clearing PRIOR to the New Year.

May you have a healthy, wealthy, and a year filled with happiness in 2015.   




Email us if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, a Feng shui walking tour, or a feng shui consultation.  Blessings! 


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Vietnamese people like myself usually do not believe very much what people say.  We look at the way people do things as we believe their actions reveal their inner heart. President Abraham Lincoln once said: 

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” 




So true!  It’s not how great a talker and performer one is; a tiny action will reveal a person’s true color.  So, my advice: it’s better to change to be a better person, and not have to wear a mask all of the time.  Deal? 

Email us if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, a Feng shui walking tour, or a feng shui consultation.  Blessings! 


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