In Vietnam, every family, regardless of religion, has an altar. 
It is extremely important because the altar represents roots.
We all have ancestors, or someone that we look up to. 
The altar in Feng Shui represents a sacred space for spiritual guidance, meditation, to unwind, or to talk to our ancestors as therapy.
 This is the altar of my Mom, who passed away decades ago.
In her altar, I placed flowers, water, candles, fruits, white rice. They are the five elements of Feng Shui (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) .
I have a photo of my mom on the altar so that my son will remember his grandma.
 Today is the third day of the Lunar New Year, I placed an Earth Cake (Banh Chung), a traditional cake that we must have during our New Year celebration.
 The altar is a sacred place for me to pray, meditate, and to share my utmost secret with my ancestor, my Mom.
 I talked to my Mom before I left home to attend college.
 I talked to her when I prepared for marriage.
 I talked to her when my husband and I had an argument.
 Amazingly, after talking to my mom for a few minutes or hours, I always received an answer to my questions.  
We all have the ability to sort out our problems once we sit down long enough to talk things out.
 That saved me time, and money from seeking therapy; being a very private person, I don’t think I am able to sit in a stranger’s office to talk about my intimate issues.  Also, when I talk to my mom, my secret is safe. 
 Borrowing Jane Alexander’s wisdom:
 ”All members of the household need a space of their own where they can be entirely themselves, free from disturbances”.
 Create your own sacred place.
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January 25, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado

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