When you sell your home, whether a regular sell, short sale, or foreclosure. Don’t trash your home. Don’t take things (light fixtures, curtains, appliances, etc …) from the house because, by doing so, you are unwittingly “stealing” from the new occupants, and you have not let go of your misfortune. 

Feng Shui practitioners firmly believe that sometimes, the house and the occupants are in “conflict” with each other; therefore, misfortune does happen. 

But, when it happens, don’t take things from a “misfortunate” place to store or put them in your new home. Negative energy will linger and circulate into your new domain.
This photo, the home of one of my sellers, sold their home under a short sale, leaving it spic and span, even better than when the new buyers first saw it. 
The fruit trees were loaded with fresh fruit that the sellers left behind to bestow good fortune to the new owners. 
By blessings others, my sellers indeed received unexpected blessings when they moved into their new home…..:)
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January 31, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado

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