There is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that everyone is a house with four rooms:
A physical,
A mental,
An emotional,
And a spiritual.
Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but,
unless we go into every room every day,
even if only to keep it aired,
we are not a complete person…………..:)
(Rumer Godden) — True or False?
 Feng Shui San Diego Tips: Feng shui does not require a person to be a good person or spiritual for Feng Shui to work. 
 If you are using Feng Shui just to make money, like Donald Trump, activate the Wealth section. 
However, neglecting the other eight sections of Feng Shui which are Health, Career, Relationship, Children, Knowledge, Fame, Mentor, and Family, unknowingly you create imbalance in your life. 
 Traditional Flying Star Feng Shui applies the LoPan compass to identify good or bad locations that change annually. 
 Think of it like a weather forecast, if we know there will be a hurricane in Florida, we would not want to travel to Florida, no?
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 January 14, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado


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 When my Realtor clients ask me:
“How do you deal with difficult clients?” 
 In Real Estate, the perfect, smooth transaction between clients and Realtors occur when there is TRUST. 
Without a trust factor, beware of rough sailing, especially when you are working with Asian clients. 
 A few years ago, I did a Feng Shui talk at the San Diego Board of Realtors, and my topic was: “How to work with Asian Clients”.
 Asian Clients often have a means to buy homes, regardless of the economy, because there is always cooperation in the family household to work together, and the willingness to co-sign for one another, to achieve their dream of buying a home.
 Once you have established trust with an Asian client, you have that client for life, and their generations that follow.
 However, to gain that client, first, you must go out of your way to display honesty, and have lots of patience; although Realtors do work hard, you will find you must work harder with Asian clients than you would with other clients. 
 Buying or selling properties with Asian clients is a family communal process.  A family hierarchy of generations will be involved in the decision making process when buying of selling a home. Don’t be surprised to find yourself working with 4 or 5 generations of family advising your clients in buying or selling a home.
We all know that working with a husband and wife alone is a handful in selecting a property that both agree upon, but for an entire family tree? Holy moley!
At this time you may feel insane to find yourself working in Real Estate, but, remember what I referenced, it is difficult at first, but once you gain trust with one family member, buying or selling a home to that first member of the united clan, you are gaining employment with the entire family clan for life.
There will be no need to prospect for you will be too busy serving that client family.  Just like Dolly Parton says: “If you want a rainbow, you must put up with the rain”.
Are you ready to put up with the rain?  
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Jan 6, 2012  @ Gwen Coronado

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Today is the 5th of January, 2012.  I am sitting here at my desk, in beautiful sunny San Diego, and I am thinking:  
My life has been a dream. If someone had to write a story about it, it would seem a little bit unreal.”
 Here I am, a little girl (photo) from a third world country, and a humble background, yearning to go to America just to attend College. 
 Today, I have experienced everything I have ever dreamed of, including unlimited free books to read from the library, married my Prince Charming, gave birth to a son with a Buddha-heart, and happily lived in the United States of America where I have freedom to express my individuality. 
 I am grateful for Facebook, which helped me to reconnect with my family, old friends, and many new friends with like minds from all over the world. 
 Every day is a Thanksgiving Day for me, and I am very grateful for my wonderful life.
 Best wishes to you all for the year 2012, from my family to yours, with my Love and my Gratitude ………….:)
 (This newsletter photo was published by NCR System Engineering Corporation, the  first company that I worked for that generously paid for my tuition.  I am also grateful having worked for a super nice Boss and my supportive colleagues.)


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HAPPY 2012 from GWEN CORONADO – Enjoy this awesome scene from God


What a Wonderful New Year Gift from God.

Only HE could create something this magnificent ………………:)

Sit back, have a cup of tea, click on the link and enjoy ………………….:)

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