Would you believe this is a low income housing building? 
The ultra-modern Richardson Apartments provide low income housing for those at risk for homelessness in San Francisco.
Prove that Low Income housing in America is equivalent to Wealthy Villa in a third world country ……………:)  Your thoughts? 
Join us for fun, food, friends, festivities, Do and Don’t in Feng Shui when choosing a “feng shui” home.
 Email  for additional information. 

February 28, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…

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SDSU, UCSD, & USD are hosting the Dalai Lama – SAN DIEGO APRIL 19, 2012

I live in San Diego, and I am excited because San Diego State University, UC San Diego, and the University of San Diego are hosting His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama’s first visit to our beautiful city.
 It has been said that if I want to be rich, I should rub elbows with the rich.  Then I suppose if I want to be holy and tolerance of people that rub me the wrong way, then I should see the Dalai Lama in person, and breathe the same air as His Holiness?
 But, again, there is a saying “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks”, as I have lived too long to think otherwise. 
 So, will it be a $68 ticket to see the Dalai Lama, or $68 to give to homeless people? 
 Being that the Dalai Lama has authored plenty of books that I can borrow at no cost at my local library, I can read them at my convenience, quietly absorb them, and transcribe his words of wisdom in my notebook.
 If you know me, you know which choice I am going to make.
 Well, just in case, here is the link of His Holiness’ visit to San Diego   
    Join us for fun, food, friends, festivities and networking on February 23, 2012.
 Email  for additional information. 
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February 20, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…

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Freddie Mac, Provident Bank, Gwen Coronado, Pearl Restaurant and AREAA – FENG SHUI For RELATIONSHIPS

















I am happy to announce that Freddie Mac, Provident Bank and AREAA sponsored a sit down dinner at the Pearl Restaurant located at 1666 Avena Place, Rancho Bernardo, CA, 92128, from 4 pm to 7 pm on Thursday, February 23, 2012.
It is only $20.00, and Gwen Coronado, a Feng Shui Expert, will share with you the secrets of building relationships which is a doorway to Wealth, Health and Family by using Feng Shui Science.
 Provident Mortgage Bank will share their insights on how they have been successful for 60 years.
Freddie Mac will share with you what they are doing in this turmoil Real Estate market.
 Join us for fun, food, friends, festivities and networking.  
Thank you, for posting this event 
As always, your comments will be greatly appreciated. 
February 17, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…………:)
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Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.

I am using Anna Frank’s quote for my title, and a photo of a little monk and his four legged friend for this post.
A warm heart-matching 2 minute video you are to see …………….:)
There is still great hope in humanity as this video shows an entire crowd at Fenway Park that came to the aid of an autistic man singing the National Anthem.
Praise God, this is so inspirational.
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February 16, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…………:)
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A visual testimony of Gwen & Mike Coronado that Feng Shui works - Relationship, Career, Fame, & Recognition

Single, divorced, or living alone, 51% of women in the U.S. are living alone without a spouse according to Sam Roberts, The New York Times Service.
There are several reasons for this trend; however, let’s face it; the western world is yang-oriented consistently favoring masculine over feminine, reason over faith, separation over integration, and spending over saving. Our impatience has given rise to a more independent evolution.
 Today, multi-talented women are CEO’s of large corporations, and many own their own companies competing well in the male-dominated business world (Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, etc.) Women also being on track to control 60 percent of the wealth in the U.S. 
For better or worse, today, women are less dependent on men. In fact, up to this point in our day and age, as of year 2005, married couples became a minority of all American households for the first time. Does this mean we are having a yin and yang culture clash? 
Have no fear, opposites do attract, and the romantic month of February, and Valentine’s Day will remain intact.
 Can we build, construct and evolve further? Feng Shui provides the answer. The principle of yin and yang is fundamental to understanding how the world is changing today. Yin, the passive principle, symbolizes femininity and, yang, the active principle, symbolizes masculinity. 
Let’s begin with the black and white feng shui symbol called the Tai Chi. This symbol illustrates the eternal action between yin and yang. Like two sides of a coin, yin can never separate from yang. Together they represent the law of nature, perpetual and unceasing change. Time changes, seasons change, chi energy changes, the environment changes and so do people. 
Finding balance between opposites is primary to feng shui. As a pendulum swings left to right and vice versa, the principle of yin and yang teaches that our yin will eventually revolve to yang, and thereafter, yin to yang to restore balance. 
What do 51% of the women living in the U.S. alone without a spouse have to do with yin, yang, and feng shui? A lot; much of feng shui relies on plain old common sense. The female pendulum has been swinging back from decades of representing its passive nature, and now swinging to the opposite side representing its active nature and until it reaches its peak and back to restore balance. 
We are offering in person or virtual class: “How to Maximize Yin & Yang for Perfect Harmony, Love, Health, and Wealth”. Email us at Gwen@GwenCoronado.Com for additional information. 
In this class, you will learn how yin and yang can combine and create perfect harmony, for wealth, health, and relationships. 
You will learn how your home can affect your love life as well as your wealth. 
You will learn how to use the ancient feng shui to capture your Prince Charming (I will share with you my secret of how I used Feng Shui to captured my husband, my first love nearly 40 years ago). 
Happy Valentine & Happy New Year from all of us at www.GwenCoronado.Com

February 13, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado

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These are a few questions that were asked during the Feng Shui class at North County San Diego County Association of Realtors:
Q: My house is haunted. Can you help?
A: No, you do not need a Feng Shui master. You need an Exorcist. 
Feng Shui and Space Clearing is applied only to enhance and promote positive energy to enter your home or your business. 
It has nothing to do with “the other side”.
Q: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get involved in Feng Shui?
A: I was born and grew up in Asia and applied Feng Shui Science at an early age.
Feng Shui is my second nature. 
I applied Feng Shui during my college years.
I applied Feng Shui during my career. 
Then, just like “the young and the foolish”, 
I only applied Feng Shui to benefit me for Wealth, Career, Knowledge, and Fame.
I neglected the other areas of Feng Shui: God (Mentors), Health, Family, and Relationships, and I almost lost what I valued most: Family.
Therefore, I returned to the root, rearranged my priorities by using the Nine Areas of Life in Feng Shui to create balance in my life.
We are going to have a “Show and Tell” “Do and Don’t” Feng Shui Class from 10 – 1 pm.  Contact us at for more information.
As always, your comments would be greatly appreciated ………………:)
February 9, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado
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May we all be as wonderful as Madonna, and forever be united as we were at the Superbowl for World Peace!  ……………..:)
It was said that Madonna wasn’t made to perform at  Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl half time show was made for Madonna…..Oh my!  
Here is the link:
Congratulations to the New York Giants and Eli Manning ……:) 
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February 5, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…………:)

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In the rush and busyness of everyday life, there are so many magical things to appreciate with gratitude.
You won’t even recall the things that kept you busy.
You will only remember those beautiful moments. (Dr. Jeff Mullan) 
This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a sky-punch.
Many of us may ask  will the world come to an end soon when we see this photo? 
Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover. 
This photo was taken by Terry Boswell, proving that the Universe is spectacular and wonderful.
Have a  great Super Bowl weekend! 
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January 30, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado………:)
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Blossom Flower is beautiful, cheerful, and represents LOVE, perfect for Valentines.
However, if you place Blossom flower in your bedroom, that may cause your significant other have a roving eyes.
DO NOT place Blossom Flowers in your bedroom.
The best place is in your living room, dining room, or your family room……:)
May I suggest “Feng Shui For Love”, “Show and Tell”, “Do and Don’t” class? Send me an Email Gwen@GwenCoronado.Com   we have plenty seats available for this upcoming class  from 10 – 1 pm.
I will share with you how I captured my Prince Charming for nearly four decades ago, and have lived happily ever after.
May St. Valentine be at your home, filled with romance, love and happiness.
As always, your comments would be greatly appreciated ………………:)
Photo courtesy of Minh Ha 

February 3,  2012 @ Gwen Coronado

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