Feng Shui San Diego Tips:  Kitchen plays an important part in Feng Shui. 
Kitchen represents wealth and relationships.
We Feng Shui enthusiasts often install mirror to reflect food, double happiness, double abundance. 
In my country, when we have friends come to visit, instead of asking, “How are you?” we ask: “Have you eaten yet?” and regardless of what the answer be, we are heading to the kitchen, where is the heart and the soul are. 
We Asian loves and respect food.  In Facebook, you see many of us display beautiful dishes and take pride on “art like food”. 
We were taught that food must be appreciated by eyes, hear by ears and then be enjoyed by taste.   
Since food is considered art, soulful activity, we never in a hurry in preparation, nor eating.  That’s where family and friends prepare food, talk, laugh and be merry. 
The kitchen is also associated with fire, which is an activating force for abundance. 
Kitchen should be clean, light, airy, and full of free flowing energy (chi).
Kitchen should have plenty of sunlight.  In my home, there are lots of windows in my kitchen, and I also installed solar lights for natural light to enter……………….:)  Join us for fun, food, friends, festivities, Do and Don’t in Feng Shui when choosing a “feng shui” home.  
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April 16, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…

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