We are thankful for our sponsors – US Bank, Union Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and Prime Lending that make this event possible.  You rock! 

FREE BREAKFAST and  FREE FENG SHUI SEMINAR  FOR EVERYONE that registered.  Email us at  Gwen @GwenCoronado.Com or

100% of my  speaking fee to be donated to NAMI San Diego (National Alliance for Mentally Ill) and  MindFreedom.Org 
Did you know that …. 60 Million Americans diagnosed with Mental Illness.
1 in 4 Adults diagnosed with Mental Illness.
1 in 10 Children diagnosed with Mental Illness.
My family and I are honored to be NAMI Advocates for the last 15 years…
Seek First to Understand and be Understood as Steven Covey said. 
 Please register now or
Thank You Areaa Sandiego Chapter for organizing this event :)  
Love & Blessings! 


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FIRST WORDS WRITTEN (Khai bút đầu Xuân) IN THE LUNAR NEW YEAR 2013 – The Year of the Water Snake

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, I am “Khai bút đầu Xuân”  which means the first words written in the New Year, and what is on my mind today.  So today is February 10, 2013.  Here it is……..

Grapes bring back pleasant memories of my childhood.  I remember as a child, I was always the first to wake up in the New Year day, searching for grapes that my Mom, aka Mrs. Santa Claus, sprinkled them on our bed when we were in a deep sleep. 

Grapes were a luxury fruit in Vietnam, similar to Iranian Caviar, and I could only taste the sweetness of this gorgeous round shaped grape once a year, so I always looked forward for it.

My ancestors, including my parents, always had 5 types of fruits in the altar for the New Year. 

Me? I have Pomegranate fruit, which represents abundant happiness (red color) and prosperity.  I always place big, fresh beautiful grapes and sprinkle them with white blossom flowers (New Year flowers, and white in color because my Mom is no longer here, on this Earth) on my Mom’s altar as remembrance of her.

New Year is to reflect the past with fond memories, and a beautiful future that the New Year will bring.  “Khai bút đầu Xuân” is just that, writing what is on our minds.   There is no right way or wrong way…… Just what’s on our minds, however, I must remind you, dear friends, pen only good thoughts, especially on the first day of the New Year. 

Have a beautiful 2013 with the new beautiful you, yes? ……..:) 

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