My attempt on the subject of architectural design and feng shui, is to bring balance between the two extreme thoughts of exposed ceiling beams.

Ceiling beams are features that have been around a long, long time.

Architecturally sound, some people find them aesthetically pleasing while others find them undesirably noticeable.

Are they good feng shui or bad feng shui?  Good luck, bad luck; who knows?

The ceiling is one of the most overlooked features in feng shui.  Yet, it is the ceiling that complements and brings together all the elements inside of any given room.

So, with all visual aspects aside, let’s look at this from the principles of feng shui.

First, a room needs to have a good flow of chi circulating and plenty of fresh air.

Secondly, the distance between the floor and the ceiling is very important, because this determines the strength and weakness of a rooms’ energy; yin and yang.

The question in my mind is – does the ceiling, as a feature, present a feng shui challenge to me?  It should not!

In feng shui, the area above our living or working space is thought to represent the “heaven” of that area.

Therefore; does the ceiling speak to me of balance, peace and harmony?

Does it support, bring together, and complement all the elements of a given rooms’ expected posture, such as my living or working space?

How does the ceiling impact the energy of that room?  Does it make me feel uneasy, divided, and oppressive?

My recent trip to Scottsdale took me to an overnight stay in a wonderfully decorated suite of a luxury resort that had ceiling beams. 

After a full day of consultations I was ready to recuperate for the evening and I walked into the bedroom and flopped backwards upon my bed with a sigh of relief when I noticed the rough textured ceiling beams above me.

As I looked up, I felt as if I had experienced vertigo.

The ceiling looked like an unfinished floor, and I felt like it was closing in on me.

I felt stifled and suffocated.

Neither I, nor my Pekingese Princess felt comfortable the entire evening, and I could not relax.

I felt separated, as if chopped into segments. 

I did not sleep well that night, and had to endure an entire weekend of uneasiness, which reinforced my belief in 6,000 year old Feng Shui Science. 

After all, feng shui is about balance and harmony, and free flowing energy to gain health, wealth and happiness.  Why fight something that has “proven” to work in my personal experience?  Your thoughts?

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When I started Facebook two years ago, I was thinking wow finally a place to communicate and share things with people of like minds and in a good manner.

I would find new friends and share ideas, feelings etc, etc… But as each day passed, I find that there is more hatred being displayed, most often over political view points. 

We need to stop all this hating. 
We cannot call ourselves Zen, or Christians if we’re deleting people because they dare to share their belief, their view points.

Who are we to judge? Dislike maybe, but prejudice against thy neighbor is not how we live a happy life. This hate filters down through the children. and REAL ESTATE FENG SHUI SAN DIEGO Facebook Page open to everyone, Christian or Non Christian, Spiritual or Atheists, and all walks of life. 

I love everyone. I’m not judging anyone, for God knows that I am not a perfect child. 

My life doesn’t stop because of the way you live your lives. 

I am a happy go lucky gal. I want to share with you, so you can go out and find your happiness in life. But remember you will never find it if you are hating or holding a grudge…:)

Love your neighbor as yourself, and the world will be a better place. 

We have to change ourselves, impossible for us to change others. 

Happy Spring, and May God Bless us all ♥ 

By the way, We, REAL ESTATE FENG SHUI SAN DIEGO are a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE and HUMANITY LIBERAL Company and we’re proud of our mission statement ♥ ♥ 


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