Native Indians believe that when we take photos of ourselves, a bit of our soul is taken away.  Could this really be true?

 Well, if it is true, my friends, I am afraid that most of us are soulless. 

Just looking at Face book, you will see tons of photos uploaded almost instantly or at least daily.  Are we becoming a soulless society?  Perhaps.  But now, let me explore why taking photos is bad for our soul (or not).

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 You see, when we do have photos taken of ourselves, that alone is a reflection of our souls.  What’s inside us reflects the outer, and many people do not want to “reveal” their souls; therefore, they do not want to be photographed. 

Some people, dress so smartly that we don’t see their “souls” until it is captured by film.  Photos do reflect our inner feelings; happy, sad, hurt, etc….  I know this true when I look back at photos of me, as a teenager alone in America, I had the look of “uncertainty” and when I had my baby, I had the look of joy in my eyes that only a mother could have. 

 In Feng Shui, we believe in Chi (Energy).  When we take a picture of someone, we are taking a snapshot of their energy, which is then displayed permanently through the photograph.

Within 3 minutes of looking at a photo, we can “sum up” a little bit about a person which includes their state of mind, their relationship status, their self esteem, etc.  Photos do reflect energy that tell a story.

In conclusion, a photo cannot capture your soul or make you become soulless; however, a photo can capture your energy and display your present “soul” condition to others. 

So beware when someone you know does not want to take a picture. Perhaps they are hiding something.  

As an old saying goes “Your eyes are the window of your soul”, so do not leave your windows wide open to strangers.

So, for your homework,  go and look at your photos, past and present, and I would be interested to hear what you have to say.

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