This Tet Lunar New Year confirmed my belief that paying forward returns good karma, even if it takes 30 years.


Here is my story ~~ 

30 years ago, I listed a property at Central Avenue when a Vietnamese elderly lady approached me asking me if I could help her and her friends buy that home.  

 A few hours working with them, reviewing their finances, and prequalifying, etc. …. I explained to them that they would be qualified, providing they came up with nearly $10,000 for the down payment.

 They looked defeated and desperate, then confided with me that they wanted to buy that house, and convert it into a Temple. 




 They told me that making payments would not be an issue because there were many Buddhists that would contribute monthly for the mortgage.  

They would be happy to have a temple within walking distance, because they had no transportation to travel to the only temple in Santee.  

However, to come up with the down payment would be difficult, and they asked me if I would talk to the sellers into waiting for them to find donors for the down payment because they didn’t want to lose the house to other buyers!  



I talked to the sellers, and they did agree to wait for them to come up with the down payment before accepting any other offers.

 Weeks, then months later, the sellers decided not to wait any longer.  I was instructed to take offers from qualified buyers that had waited and were still interested.

 I had to be the bearer of bad news.  Words cannot describe how sadly disappointed these ladies were, as they cried after hearing the news. 

 Have you ever seen elderly women cry?  I guarantee it will break your heart!

 I took a short walk to think about this, and all of a sudden, the light went on. 

I went to my car, took out my calculator, and started calculating numbers. 

 Bingo! I had found their down payments.

 I ran back to their home, jumping with joy, and told them:

 “Here is what I am going to do. The home for your temple is yours.”



“I am going to donate 100% my commission as my donation to the temple.  All you need to do is need to come up with the closing costs, and we can close escrow.”

 Again they began to cry, this time cheerfully, with happiness.

 I related my idea with the sellers, and bless their hearts too, they gave me the green light to move forward.

 Well, last Friday, having attended the Jade Buddha Tet Lunar New Year celebration at Nhu Lai Thien Tu, I was happy knowing that this was the same home of which I had I donated the required down payment, 30 years ago, and now enjoyed the celebration immensely.  




I gratefully watched how everyone had enjoyed the temple, and the New Year celebration. 



I was so touched emotionally, and thankful, that I had been able to contribute back to my community.

 Here is a photo of me and my longtime friend, Thinh.  He was also one of the organizers for the Jade Buddha Tet Lunar New Year event. 



It was absolutely amazing, living in the same city, and many years having passed, that we actually got to see each other again, face to face. 

 The New Year is festive, and aura-some, when spending time uniting with family and friends. 

Oh Yes! 2014, The Wood Horse year, will be a wonderful year; a happy new year filled with victory. I can feel it. 




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