How deep can a person reach into the self to conquer adversity?

If I were to choose one area of life that I feel would be most crucial to create balance and harmony in life, it would be feng shui for relationships.

Feng shui for relationships goes far beyond the thought of just love and romance, and a beloved significant other.



Avoid feng shui error, by not dividing feng shui into sections or categories, and consider what your personal relationship is to any area of your life, besides him or her.

To enhance any area of your life, feng shui for relationships should be the arrow that targets health, wealth, fame, creativity, mentors, career, knowledge, and family.

After all, it has been proven that Love conquers all.

Step back from time to time and try to observe feng shui at play.

Let’s take music, art, and friendship for example; these 3 elements when combined create long lasting friendships unlike love. 



     (Thuong Linh, also kwown as the Blues Jazz Queen)


When we humans say we are falling in love, actually, we are falling into an “illusion” that we are in love because we so often fall in love, and then fall out of love, but with music, art and friendship, we find “love” for our “soul”, and a love that never fades.




On May 30, 2015, I witnessed a feng shui extravaganza.  I was invited to honor Poet/Song Writer, Tran Da Tu, who had been captured and imprisoned for twelve years by North Vietnamese soldiers after the fall of Viet Nam, April 30, 1975. 

He was arrested and imprisoned for expressing his poetic views that encouraged peace and harmony for all; the north, the south, including the American presence, to let live, and live freely. 

Ironically, he was also imprisoned by South Viet Nam Government in 1963 for the same reason. 

In one swift day, he was stripped of all nine areas of his life; his relationship with wealth, fame, children, friends, career, health, mentors, and family, all gone from the stroke of a pen. 

He was taken away from family and home. His beloved children, the oldest being thirteen, were left homeless to survive in the street.

 Strikingly his imprisonment did not stifle his wisdom, creativity, and the love in his heart. His relationship with life continued to flourish in support of his family, friends and fellow prisoners.  

When he was imprisoned, he managed to turn a negative circumstance into composing positive poems, and music.




Remarkably, today his songs express no flickers of anger, or bitterness; purely music of joy, and gratitude toward citizens that had helped him and his prisoner of war friends. 

It’s been nearly 40 years since that fateful day, and today, Tran Da Tu and his family are freely home here in America where he has restored those nine areas of his life, and more.


Nearly 40 years later, he is totally free to express the love in his heart through poetry, music, family and friends that have filled his heart with love; family love, spousal love, friendship love; poetic love of art and music along with the art of forgiveness. 

 The energy at the Samueli Theater was so incredible.  It was indeed the modern day of Camelot.


The orchestra led by  Hoang Cong Luan and his musicians, some having come a long way from New York, provided elaborate and spectacular entertainment throughout the celebrated event with five stars performers,



  (The legendary singer, Tuan Ngoc,  left, also known as Vietnamese Frank Sinatra with his friend and fans. )



   (from left,  Thuong Linh, Khanh Ly, Ha Pham, Quang Tuan, Kieu Chinh, and Le Uyen) 


There was no room for tears in this wondrous occasion. Meeting him and his equally famous novelist wife, Nha Ca, was quite an honor.

My eyes were misty seeing that Tran Da Tu received a standing ovation,



and a heartfelt tribute from the legendary International star Kieu Chinh, a star in the movie “Ride the Thunder” playing in many theaters.  Kieu Chinh also is a close friend of Tippi Hedren who is a hero to many Vietnamese refugees who became nail salon magnates.



(The legendary International star Kieu Chinh in movie “Ride the Thunder”)


Many of his friends flew in for this special night as he launched his entertainment CD titled, Goi Dau & Bay (Shampoo & Fly), and was performed by two generations of Vietnamese Entertainers. 


       (The International star Kieu Chinh, Singer  Quang Tuan and Le Van)  

Goi Dau means Shampoo in English, and song writer Tran Da Tu, with choreographed dancers, directed by Thang Dao who flew in from New York, expressed an analogy that in shampooing our hair, we remove all dirt, filth, and sin as we shake ourselves off and start anew.  Quite thought provoking!   

 America is the land of opportunity; true; however, living in the United States can be quite demanding, and fast paced – a place where we can lose track of our inner self.



 (Gwen, Thang Dao, Dance Company Founder and Dr. Olivia Lan Huong)


More than ever, we need music. Music is one facet of the 9 areas of life that we feng shui practitioners align with because music involves creativity, relationships, love, and family, etc.…



To witness the musicians playing, we could see feng shui in the making of orchestrated knowledge; mentors working together in unison to create and compose vibrating, harmonious sounds to enhance love, friendship and family.   

Music brings refreshing calmness into our lives filled with peace, tranquility, and we are soulfully enhanced with beautiful serene creativity, allowing us to target the areas of our lives we desire to activate health, wealth, fame, relationships, mentors, career, and family.



 (A real treat to listen to my idol,  Tuan Ngoc serenades us in  “Gọi Tên Dòng Sông” ~ loosely translate ~  “Calling out your name, my river” )



Tran Da Tu’s friends had traveled here from different states to unite under one roof to celebrate together a night of songs and poetry in honor of Tran Da Tu. 

Magically, music often brings people together, and this marvelous event made dinner, all together, the icing on the cake.



Are you making room in your soul and in your life for what you love?

Email us if you have  questions or feedback.  Blessings!   


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