It doesn’t matter how you look at it because you cannot divide the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life equally nor have it all equally.   

The good news is, you still can have a well-balanced life when you apply the 6,000 year old science, in the traditional and old fashioned way. 

All of us have 9 pathways called areas of life: Health, Career, Family, Wealth, Fame, Education, Children, Creativity, and Love.   




Notice that I put Health first, because Health is the most important of all; without health, we cannot enjoy all the other 8 areas of our lives.  

Perhaps, that may be the reason the LoPan (Feng Shui compass) places Health in the center; the center of our own personal universe.





We also have 3 kinds of luck: 

Heavenly Luck:  Meaning where you were born, and to what family.  However, in my opinion, if you were born here, in America, then you already have one of the three lucks, just like Trump or Bill Gates.





Earthly Luck:  You work hard to achieve your own luck, i.e., work overtime, go to school, earn a college degree, etc…. 

Feng Shui Luck:  Apply Feng Shui to help you sail through life easier, without struggling. My analogy of applying feng shui is similar to having a GPS to go from point A to point B, making our lives easier, rather than struggling with map page turning. 

Now, let’s get back to my opening statement that, “It does not matter how you look at it.  You cannot divide the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life equally.”




This is true.  Even with feng shui application, we cannot divide our lives into 9 squares evenly because most of us don’t want them all equally.  

Think about it, for example, not every one of us want children, or marriage, or fame.  

There is always an area of our lives of which we place greater importance than others.  Some enjoy a good Career, some just want to live a simple life and be happy with Family; some yearn for Wealth, or love to be Famous; some just love Education, or Creativity, and some live for Love.  


So ask yourself honestly, what is the most important thing in your life? Then use feng shui to activate that important thing. 

I will give you some examples of my life, and how I applied Feng Shui from my teenage years til now. 

As a homeless refugee teenager, I knew I needed to have education to take me to the next level.  Education luck is located in Northeast section. I needed to activate that NE section, to assist me in my clear thinking so I could have good grades. 





After I graduated, I knew I needed to build wealth, enough wealth, to help support and sponsor my family to America.  

 Just so you know, to sponsor my love ones to America, I had to fill out tons of paper work, proof of relationship, have a stable job, bank statements, assets, and a signed affidavit that when my family came here to America, they would not seek US Government assistance, welfare, food stamps, etc…   

I had to support my family, 40 of them until they became self-sufficient without receiving any government aid. 



So, Wealth is in Southeast.   To have wealth, I needed to concentrate on the SE section by making sure there was no clutter, and positioning myself and things to attract wealth.


Fast forward on to 2015 ~~ having lived my 40 years in America, I have been blessed with a good life.


Only America could offer me the FREEDOM to be whomever I wanted to be, whatever I wanted to do, and what kind of life that I wanted to live.  I did successfully achieve all 9 areas of my life, and as I turned 50, I decided to share my knowledge with the world, that we could have it all.  

You see, in the East (Asia, where I was born), when we apply feng shui, we want to have wealth because we Asians are realists.




Statistically, it has been proven that 63% of a failed marriage has a lot to do with money, and we know that love without money will not last because when the debtors come knock at our doors, love flies out of the window. 


In Asia, we were taught that it is easier to fall in love with a rich man than a poor man, because it is more romantic to be on a cruise with your hair flowing in the breeze with your scarf flying while holding a wine glass in your hand than being at an “all you can eat buffet.” 


And in the west, most of us yearn for Relationship.  By the way, the area of Relationship is located in South West section.  If you want love, activate that SW section, and remember to display everything in a pairs. 


As I always say, “Love comes in pairs, single displays come with despair.”  Display something cheerful, happy; no cactus plants, nothing “thorny” or sharp because you don’t want a thorny relationship. You want your love life to be a bed or roses, yes?




So friends, by practicing Feng Shui, you can have it all, but not equally.  Ask yourself:  “What would I want from life?”  Think, and write it on a piece of paper.  Whatever you want, activate that section, and apply all three kinds of luck as I mentioned earlier, and voila, Heaven luck, Earth Luck and Feng Shui luck, together, work like magic.


Email me, –  I would love to hear your wonderful news, and when you find your Princess or Prince Charming, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding, yes?


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