The year of the Yang Earth Dog begins February 16, 2018, controlled by the Yang Earth Element, and will be a time of social change, how we’ll live our lives concerning health and social status.
If you think 2017 was a tough year, it is nothing compared to 2018 ensuing political unrest in the Middle East and Asia. 
This is a year that if you stem from Wood or Water Elements, you must take extra precaution. 
To those who were born on the Yang Earth Dog year, you can sit back and enjoy 2018 because your Karma is paid up, and what you planted, you are now ready to harvest.  
The Dog is a symbol of intelligence and protection, and by heavenly coincidence, our President, Donald J. Trump, was born in the year of the Dog. 
As President Trump is our current leader, we, American people, will also inherit his good karma. 
2018 is also a year that will bring conflict and war because of the Yang Metal destructive energy. 
However, the Dog being man’s best friend, we may receive protection and support from friends; and perhaps from foes, too.



Be aware that it may be a turbulent year as the world will be in chaos.
 To change our Karma, I am advising you to have more charity in your hearts; forgive quickly, and love abundantly to bring peace, and have peace.  Avoid arguments in any form including debates. 



This coming New Year, you may see the collapse of major institutions resulting in large adjustments in the economy like stock markets, and housing so take care of your investments. 
Don’t let history repeat itself likened to September 29, 2008, when the stock market crashed. 
This year, traveling to the east, southeast, and northeast is good. 
Wear fire colors like red, orange, hot pink, purple.



To those who were born in the year of the Rabbit and enjoyed a peaceful 2017 with good fortune, this year, 2018, you should be more cautious that is including people born in the year of the Dragon. 
If you know how to use a LoPan (Chinese compass), pay attention, avoid and apply feng shui cures to these locations:



The West will stir with negative Chi energy causing illness and sickness.
The North will stir the worst negative Chi energy with Misfortune.
The Northeast will contain negative Chi energy causing disputes, quarreling, disagreements, and legal issues. 
The East will have negative Chi energy inviting theft and robbery.
Year 2018 in the following compass locations will circulate with positive Chi energy and bring in good cheer with correct feng shui directions:



The Southeast enhances wealth and prosperity.
The Northwest brings career luck in promotions and recognition.
The South brings romance, academic and literary success.
The Southwest brings good luck, success and helpful people.
In the Center, Fire Element will support the dominating Chi energy, positive or negative, of a compass location. 
Annual afflicted compass areas for 2018 are: 
In the Northwest 292.5 – 307.5 degrees. 
In the Southeast 112.5 – 127.5 degrees
In the North 322.5 – 37.5 degrees 
As always, I want to remind you that feng shui is only 1/3 of your luck, the other 2 lucks are heavenly luck (you were born under heaven luck, and in my opinion, if we are fortunate enough to live in America, we are already showered with heavenly luck), and the other luck is hard work.  Combine all three lucks together, nothing will stop your dreams! 
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Is Friday the 13th as bad luck as number 4 perceived by Chinese? 

The number 4 is considered bad luck by Chinese because it sounds like ” #Death ” in Cantonese. That is a myth and not true.



The number #13 on Friday has proven that many bad things have happened on Friday the 13, for example: 

Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper, and Judas was the one that betrayed Jesus.




Jesus’ crucifixion took place on a Friday (also known as “hangman’s day”).   

Other biblical scholars point out that Eve supposedly tempted Adam on a Friday. 



Cain killed his brother Able on Friday the 13th. 

Philip the IV of France arrested hundreds of Knights of Templar on Friday the 13th of October 1307…. And so on… 

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