Feng Shui means wind and water.   

There are good and bad energies that exist in our environments, in the landscapes, city, mountain and water. 

These energies will affect our health, wealth, and our being.

By applying Feng Shui correctly, we place ourselves in a good feng shui location to receive the good energies, therefore, our wealth and health will be enhanced, and minimized influence of bad energies, reduced our chances of encountering misfortunes.

 In Feng Shui, we called “feng shui cures” an Art of Placement.  

By place objects in right places, we can create harmonious environments to receive a balance life in all areas, health, wealth, career, relationships, etc. 

Our Feng Shui consultation includes: 




Selecting a prosperous site for building a house. 

Selecting the best orientation for building a house to achieve maximum prosperity. 

Selecting the best unit within a house. 

Analyzing for all locations: bedroom, living room, conference room, cash counter, entrances, computer rooms, filing rooms, managers rooms, administration department, marketing department, etc and advise where to: 

Placement of furniture. 

Selection of appropriate rooms for different members of the company or the family. 

Selection of appropriate color and decorative objects for each location. 

Feng Shui fee including one year continuous maintenance to ensure prosperity, via emails, or phones. 

Feng Shui fee including on site Feng Shui analysis of a building, home, or an office: 

Careful on the spot inspection,

Measurement of dimensions and directions, and

Consultation with the occupants regarding their fortunes as reflected by their birth data. 

Feng Shui fee also detailed study of the physical environment, interior layout,

Fortune analysis of the people living in the environment. 

It is best to do Feng Shui consultation onsite, however, a virtual feng shui consultation can be done providing we are to receive: 

A detailed sketch of the building showing its main entrances and main objects in its surroundings. 

The approximate year of completion of construction of such building. 

A floor plan of the apartment or unit within the building, showing the rough directions. 

Accurate measurement of the direction of the FRONT of the building, accurate to the nearest degree.  (We will show you how to take the direction.) 

Email us Gwen@GwenCoronado.com  if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, or a feng shui consultation.

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