In order to understand Donald Trump, let look at his personal feng shui Trigram that will help us identify with his persona.

For the benefit of everyone, I will leave out politics, religion, and health.

Let’s rewind to his early beginnings.  Trump was born in the year of the Fire Yang Dog; 1946.

Trump’s strengths and weaknesses have both intertwined in his life since the day of his birth.

The characteristics of his strengths encompass being successful, gutsy, and ambitious.

His weaknesses stem from being overstressed, impatient, and domineering.

Cheerful, and forthright, Donald is direct; honest, and above all, loyal.  He has a sense of justice and he is fair.  He likes helping others to achieve their goals if they are willing to work hard and be loyal.   Loyalty is number one of importance for Trump.

Trump believes anyone can learn, but loyalty is a character of a person, you either have it or you don’t.  And he is a good judge of character.  Don’t try to fool him!



Always alert, Trump is good at assessing situations, rounding up problems, finding logical solutions, and he is reliable in crises. 

He is determined and intense and has a tendency to flare up in a temper, which is usually soon forgotten unless you’re disloyal!  

He is sharp in his observations and assessment of what goes on around him.

He is strongly opinionated, loyal, and demonstrates great courage when fighting the good fight; the honorable battle.

He can be forceful and convincing when presenting his ideas and opinions, and because he understands human nature all too well, very capable of mercilessly exposing hypocrisy and pretense.

When attached to a cause, he can become a most articulate spokesperson, and he can make a very bad enemy too; one would be foolish to antagonize him for he knows very well how to take a challenge. 

Trump can be particularly forceful, both mentally and physically, and tends to have an egotistical and dictatorial streak which can create conflict for him with others.



Work relaxes Trump.  Even though his family is very important to Trump, however, work comes first, then family. 

He must beware of dominating others in relationships; both personal and professional as he often recognizes problems way in advance, and acts on them, instead of giving others a chance to cope with things, even to fail, and learn from the experience. In this respect, he is at best overprotective, at worst, compulsive.

Trump belongs to the East Group Family of Trigrams. 

His personal Kua Number is 9 and his Element is Fire. 

His personal favorable colors are Red, Purple, Dark Orange, and Pink.

The Element Wood color, Green, would benefit him as well.  

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Dec 2016/en



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