Once in a while, I order this special drink; Soda sua hot ga, at #PhoCaDao, well, I don’t want to translate it into English because once I translate it, it will not sound too appetizing, but I assure you, it tastes super-duper yummy. 


 You see, in Viet Nam, my motherland,  prior to 1975, having this special drink is similar to ordering Iranian Caviar, and with my Dad’s limited income as an Air Force Officer, we were lucky just to have food on the table.

3-25-17 food pho oceanside DSC08415

I could only enjoy this drink during my final examines.   
My Mom made this special drink because she believed that the organic egg yolk and all the “magic” ingredients in this drink formula would help me boost my energy, and increased my brain power while I studying for my examines.  And, I supposed it worked because I received super-duper good grades. 


November is the month of Gratitude; and, my heart filled with gratitude living here in America, the land of abundance, including jobs.  If I want to earn extra income, I just have to work a bit harder.  If I want to order food or drink, I can to my heart’s content. 


And best of all, the FREEDOM to travel anywhere in the United States without having to ask for Government permission, as in my birth country, Viet Nam.  I am THANKFUL. 


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