In this photo, number 88 as a home address has nothing to do with good fortune or good feng shui.  It is superstitious, just like when you see the house number 4 is supposed to be bad luck.  And sadly, many lose the opportunity in buying a home with street address number 4 or paying too much to have the street address number 8. 



The only number we should pay attention to is our Kua number, base on our birthdays, the cycle numbers, and where the flying stars visit in each year, so we can minimize bad luck and maximize good luck.   
February 16, 2018 we are approaching the year of the Yang Earth Dog controlled by the Yang Earth Element, and will be a time of social change, how we’ll live our lives concerning health and social status, and if you notice, women are rising in higher position and authority because we are also approaching cycle 9, which means women rule!   
Women, pay attention, you are now, more than ever, need to balance your life because you don’t want to love things that cannot love you back. 
Remember all 9 feng shui squares:  Health, Wealth, Career, Family, Children, Mentor, Mentor, Fame, and Knowledge need tune-ups when the 9 squares are not in balance. 

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