When we fear, we don’t love. When we love, we don’t fear.  (Nguyen Hoang Huy) — True or False?

Feng Shui San Diego Tips:

To celebrate the  New Year, and to welcome 2012, the first step we should take in regards to Feng Shui is to remove all clutter.

Clutter impedes the flow of energy in our homes and our workplaces.

Anything neglected, forgotten, unwanted, unloved, will affect us, causing slow and stagnant energy, affecting our finances and relationships, etc.

Solution: Items you do not want, usable and in good condition, can be donated to the Good Will.

You will benefit to receive, from the Universe, abundant luck, and Uncle Sam will also bless you with a tax write off!

Perform space clearing throughout the house to clear up all unwanted energy. Pay bills.

Activate whatever section you want to manifest: health, wealth, career, children, etc…

Clearly indicate your goals and your intentions with great attention.

Don’t forget to place some beautiful flowers in yang color: red, orange, pink, etc., to light up your domain to welcome  the year 2012.

 Please share your thoughts, insights and questions below.  Your  participation provides wisdom that we all can benefit.   Thank you and Blessings!

Gwen Coronado ©  12/31/2011

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