We are what you chant.  What we think, we will attract, especially when we think passionately and emotionally.  
Learn to look at the glass as half full to attract positive results. 


2018 is less than a month, enough time to change our thinking; one day at a time.



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Last night, I attended an event and listened to a motivational speaker talk about adversity and she concluded saying: 
“Do not let adversity destroy you; let it define you.” 
I looked around the room filled with successful women as they gave her a standing ovation clapping cheerfully with appreciation. 
I was speechless, as her talk was about successfully overcoming her personal lifetime adversities; one after another, but I felt she had been inviting adversity.



Once adversity defines you and is used as a measure of successful achievement, another will be set in its place as a challenge. Your successful conquests will develop a pattern introducing a new adversity. Directly or indirectly, another adversity will surface to no end of adversity.  
May I remind you that the words adversity and goal-setting have two different meanings? We can choose goal-setting to attract opportunities or adversity to attract negative circumstances.



Conquering adversity should not be measured in life as successful.  No one is successful by constantly looking back in the rearview mirror. 
Adversity is a setback; Goal-setting is rewarding. 
Looking ahead, the road in life will always be under construction offering goal-setting opportunities and rewards with beautiful rainbows on the horizon. 



Words are powerful.  The right thoughts; the right words will attract exactly what we chant. 
In 2018, my motto will be: 
“Do not allow adversity to define your destiny; let goal-setting bring you a bright future, and define your character and Persona.” 
Life is filled with wonderful goals to be achieved, and should not beset adversity.  Adversity can devour many areas of one’s life likened to the domino effect; tumbling one area after another.



Year 2017 is coming to an end at a fast speed, and it is best to be prepared to cross the finish line, welcoming 2018 with gusto, and toast the New Year with a glass half full rather than half empty. 
It’s incredibly exciting to look forward to our new goals, filled with new opportunities, and freshness, not to cross the threshold carrying 2017 adversities to weigh down the beginning of a New Year. 
HAPPY 2018, the year of the Yang Earth Dog.

11/2017 gc 

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