Tell me what kind of dog you have, and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are.
Oh my!
Perhaps there is some truth to it, according the the link below, my Pekingese is categorized as a “toy dog”, therefore,  I am sincere, fun loving, and loyal.  (true).
Toy dog owners are said to love traveling (true).  This photo was taken when my Princess Fufu and I were traveling to Tampa, Florida. 
Owners of toy dogs take pride in their appearance, are very neat and keep very orderly homes.  (oh well, my husband would beg to differ.)
They are very versatile and can enjoy evenings with a bottle of wine (I don’t drink wine), or a night out partying on the town (party is not my scene either)
Here is a link, and I am interested to hear your thoughts: 

March 6, 2012 @ Gwen Coronado…

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