Reasons why I love my job(s) -  

Yes, jobs in plural, because I wear many hats:

Real Estate Property Manager/Broker,

Insurance Broker,

Feng Shui Consultant,

Real Estate Feng Shui writer for numerous papers,


Mental health advocate,

Event organizer,

Social Media Chair …. Oh, my! Did I miss anything else?

And a few months ago, before I sold my financial service business, I was also a Registered Principle (Branch Manager at a Broker Dealer selling mutual funds, and variable products… )

Oh my! After listing what I do, I also get dizzy :)

But here is why I love what I do:




 Real Estate Broker: In Vietnam, we have a saying, “Có an cư mới lạc nghiệp” meaning, you have to plant your roots (having a home first) before you start to think of your career.  If there is no roots, you can be easily uprooted and then, you can be Mr. or Ms. wanderer with no purpose in life. 

 I was only a teenager when I arrived to America, yet, I remember my upbringing and I do value home ownership tremendously. 

 I know that being a homeowner is a dream come true.  There is a saying in  America: “Your home is your kingdom.” 

I once had a full time Computer Science job, and moonlighted as a Real Estate Agent for 6 months when I quit my “nerdy” job and never looked back.  I have been a Happy Real Estate Broker ever since. 

 I want to share with you that there is nothing more gratifying than hearing two magic words from the Title company, “Escrow closed,” and then convey the same words to my clients. 

 Seeing my clients’ proud, joyful expression, receiving the keys, and witness them moving into their homes is so priceless, and a reminder why I love what I do.  (stay tuned, to be continued ……:) 

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